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  3. Do you think we can broadcast this?!


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    What’s a titan’s favorite card game

    cards against humanity


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  5. Maico Akiba     

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  6. Dogs that make me cry:

    1. Soviet Space Dogs
    2. Hachiko
    3. Fry’s Dog from Futurama

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    the gintama anime revival is nearing




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    ALDNOAH.ZERO - the guy who wrote MADOKA MAGICA, the plot setup of a GUNDAM show, and nary a lick of humor. Good enough first episode but maybe a little harsh for my current tastes. UPDATE: will be watching as long as it takes to see Trillram get his ass kicked. Sometimes you don’t need strong babyfaces if your heels are rotten enough.

    FRAN♥CESCA - made it less than 3 minutes in. I do not like Hokkaido more because of this crap. Hokkaido I expect better of you.

    INVADERS OF THE ROKUJYOUMA: made it seven minutes in and it did absolutely nothing to grab me so I stopped it. may or may not go back to finish. betting “not”

    MAGIMOJI RURUMO far exceeded expectations. Nice character animation, appealing leads, the biggest hat I’ve ever seen. Lots of pantsu-based “humor” but it seems like the focus will be on main character’s journey toward not being a dopey perv, especially given the ED and the way the other pervy occult club members are portrayed. I may try to track down the manga to make sure the story stays good but so far I think I’m in for another episode or 2.

    MONTHLY GIRLS’ NOZAKI-KUN - now that’s more like it! I remember quite liking the manga. Goofy character-based humor revolving around a high school boy who draws girls’ romance comics, and a girl who tries to confess her love to him but ends up working as his assistant. Some nice direction even if the pace was a hair slower than I prefer. UPDATE: Ep 2 even better, reread manga and can’t wait for the rest of the season. Seo and Kashima are my favorite characters in this…

    SABAGEBU: so much better than expected. This is the kind of goofy humor I require in my clubroom-kawaii series. Second episode also funny. BONUS: transfer student! late-for-school toast!

    TOKYO ESP: garbage. high budget, shit storytelling, no characterization, boring music poorly applied, telling rather than showing in the one medium you can show absolutely anything you want. didn’t make it through half an episode.

    (most of this originally posted in the Transfer Students group on Facebook, a safe place for cynical old farts to nerd out about Japanese stuff)

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    Deities And Demigods - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1980)
    Art by Erol Otus

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    Evening Post: August 12, 1899.

    "She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in a scientific fashion…”

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    Deities And Demigods - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1980)Art by Erol Otus

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