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  3. Anonymous said: to be honest i wouldnt really consider gintama trans acceptance at all considering how derogatory like all the jokes are and how they constantly treat that sort of thing as a punchline which just kinda? contributes to the idea that "trannies" are to be laughed at?


    A lot of the jokes in Gintama are derogatory and it’s not focused solely directed at crossdressers. Gintama is very humorous and makes a lot of jokes, but something that remains very consistent is acceptance. Yes, jokes are made about crossdressers, but as a whole, the acceptance of crossdressers is really significant. Saigou, one of the strongest people, a member of the four Devas, is a crossdresser and is highly respected and revered. In one episode he appeared in, Gintoki and Katsura made jokes about crossdressers and Saigou made them crossdress and work for him. Not only that, but there was a whole section dedicated to Saigou’s son learning to accept what his father does for a living and accept his chosen way of life and in the end, they’re both a lot closer. Because they’re family and it doesn’t matter if Saigou is a crossdresser, he’s still strong and loving and caring. That wasn’t a joke and that certainly wasn’t making fun of crossdressers.

    Then there’s a character like Kyuubei who wants to be a man to be with the woman she loves. There’s a lot of jokes about Kyuubei’s desire to be a man and how she crossdresses and stuff, but her feelings for Otae are REAL and there hasn’t been a single joke made about those feelings. It can be argued that Katsura crossdressing is just for joke purposes, but I never see it like that. To me, it just shows that Katsura is comfortable with himself and so crossdressing isn’t a big deal for him, especially for when he’s going undercover and using it as a disguise. Gintoki crossdresses and has been shown to continue his work at Saigou’s for money and I really don’t think, considering his disposition, that he minds it one bit and certainly doesn’t think less of himself for doing it. Gintama is largely accepting, you’ll find characters with all sorts of backgrounds and I personally love seeing all the crossdressing!! It shows so much variety and you don’t see this kind of acceptance in a lot of animes, most of them, I should say. Yes, I laugh at the jokes that are made, but just because someone made a joke doesn’t mean the characters are being shamed. It’s like you’re laughing with them, not at them. It would be different if the characters were made to feel bad for their choices, but they’re not, no one is trying to change them or shame them into becoming someone other than who they are and that is acceptance. 

    Plus, let’s just look at how gorgeous these ladies are =A=



  4. attn samorama

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  6. story of my life

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    Thanks, in the main, to my shameless self-promotion at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I now I have six followers. It may not sound like a lot, but knowing that there are six total strangers who liked something I wrote enough to want to read more makes me feel pretty good.

    I finished Gunpoint in the wee…


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  12. The movie of The Enigma of Amigara Fault is really different from the manga

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